Ultimate iPhone BATTERY Test: 12 Pro Max vs 12 Pro / 12 / mini / 11 Pro Max / Pro / 11 / iPhone SE

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27 thoughts on “Ultimate iPhone BATTERY Test: 12 Pro Max vs 12 Pro / 12 / mini / 11 Pro Max / Pro / 11 / iPhone SE”

  1. that's weird… I have the iPhone 13 pro max and I get about 5 to 6 hours screen time for gaming.. my boyfriend has the iPhone 12 and also gets around 5 hours screen time on gaming

  2. Oook, so one thing that’s forsure is something is definitely wrong or defective with your 11 pro. That one should’ve been the second or 3rd one to go definitely not the first. On pretty much every other video the 11 pro beats the 12s which should make sense for a few reasons. I mean my 11 pro will still be going the next day from a full charge the morning before. That was really off to see your 11 pro go before the se and regular 11. That’s misleading.

  3. I have the 11 and i came from the 7 and I love it the battery is great and the quality is great I could barely notice it from the oled and it’s super fast so I really recommend it

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