32 thoughts on “Unlock Disabled Iphone without Password | Remove Apple Id From Iphone in 2 Mins | Kharedari.pk”

  1. Sir find iphone on hona lazmi hai??
    Secondly if we are short of budget, ar icloud lock device buy karain ar ap sa unlock karayen to is it possible? And what will be the charges??

  2. Massive thanks to everyone who recommended web_cyber01 on IG, you all are the life savers here❤️ 💕💕
    He unlock my iphone and android and icloud

  3. اس سارے پروسیس کے لئے میک کمپیوٹر ہونا چاہئے یا کوئی ونڈوز کمپیوٹر بھی کرلے گا۔۔؟😎😎😎😎😎

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