Why the iPhone 11 is the BETTER choice: A Review!

In this video, I review the iPhone 11 which is Apple’s 2019’s upgrade from last year’s iPhone XR and shares the same A13 Bionic Architecture of the 11 Pro and Pro Max line up. I explain the features and talk more about my experience using this device.

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0:00 – Intro
0:11 – Preface
1:00 – Quick Unboxing + Set up
2:36 – About the Build Quality
3:38 – Display Quality
4:31 – Usage Experience
4:50 – Battery Life
5:28 – Charging Speed
6:13 – Processor & Performance
7:08 – Speaker Experience
7:22 – In-depth Camera Video & Picture Quality
11:06 – Verdict

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34 thoughts on “Why the iPhone 11 is the BETTER choice: A Review!”

  1. I still prefer the 11 pro max over all else. I loved it so much that I own three of them and will pick it over even the 12 pro max. I will hold out and see what the 13 pro max offers. If it really goes up to 1 TB as promised and also an even bigger battery than the 11 pro max ( which has a bigger and more powerful battery than the 12 pro max) then I am game. Else I would stick to my 11 pro max or go for Samsung galaxy note.

  2. The iPhone 11 is the best iPhone in the market
    Best cameras same as iPhone 11 Pro except tele photo lense on 11 pro
    Best chipset A13
    Best optimized software that’s the iOS
    Best build quality
    In charging speeds you can buy Apples 18 watt charger from the store
    Love my iPhone 11

  3. Love this review. For a YouTuber with less than 100k you make better quality than people with millions. Can't wait to see you with 1 mil subs. You deserve it

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