10 Interesting Apps You Should Be Using! (Galaxy Note 5) AT#36

In this video lets check out 10 apps that we really feel are fairly attention-grabbing.
Galaxy Note 5 Review! –

The apps have been demoed on the Galaxy Note 5

Each app has been examined to verify that it doesnt adversely have an effect on battery life or efficiency.
Timestamps with Play Store hyperlinks

00:18 Real Music Player
01:08 (*10*) Wallpapers
01:29 Drupe Contacts & Dialer
02:11 Twilight
02:48 Wave Unlock
03:29 Hangar
04:19 Hooks
04:45 Any.do
05:22 Snapseed
05:52 File Explorer
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37 thoughts on “10 Interesting Apps You Should Be Using! (Galaxy Note 5) AT#36”
  1. I have indian friends. But they learn to get rid of their accent. Not because of dishonoring their culture. But its a skill. You are communicating with the whole world. Please learn proper english pronounciations. Remove your accent and more will come to watch your videos. Your videos are good. But your accent… Help yourselves bro.

  2. Hi C4ETech
    You keep making videos and speaking with your wonderful South East Asian accent. I for one enjoy that accent the most out of all accents, I watch Hindi, Pakistani and even Telugu movies quite often, probably every day or darn near.
    Those that don't like your accent can just click on the next vid.
    Did you see Deepika Padukone in Triple X??? She was marvelous! She and Piggy Chops are really doing great in American cinema and TV. I was proud when she gave up doing Fast Furious 6 to do Chennai Express with Mr. Khan, showing loyalty to her country and friends in the industry. And by the way, I am an American woman.
    Thank you all the best and God bless.

  3. I don't see how these app are specifically for the note 5. A note app would most likely involve the spen in some way, or the larger screen

  4. I understood u…
    none of these apps are really for the note 5…
    they're all general android apps…
    terrible list…

  5. The hell you sayin' hoss..reckon I ain't the only sum bitch that couldn't understand a damn word coming out of your man pleaser. And thats saying a lot since I'm a Texan.

  6. I'm a new time note 5 user, this help thanks. and from a Jamaican I could understand u perfectly

  7. Good one! I liked the video, straight to the point! Just one suggestion, add subtitles for people having issues with your accent… There are workarounds you see!

  8. Its sad to know there are so many racists on youtube, if u don't like the accent or indians then instead of commenting on the video just, GET THE F**K OFF

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