Asus MeMO Pad vs Nexus 7 - cheap tablets compared

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  1. Surely could be! I actually bought this one because it was on sale, but its still good. Have fun with the Nexus 7! 😀

  2. i Thought 10 inches are too big too, but its actually really good in hand, a bit heavy but good for games, books and other office tasks. Even in strong sunlight its still readable (eInk or kindles sure would be better, my pad has LCD or LED idk). At night turning brightness a bit down for movies and so is very good. The best part is the Battery life. For me with some movies, office things and reading it reaches more than 24 Hours, and it has an energy saving option.

  3. Thanks you anyway
    10 inches is too big for my.Are you reading books with it? If yes does it not reflect too much?

  4. Did you buy it? How does the memo perform as ebooksreader? Can you compare it with the Kindle Paperwhite?
    I'm considering buying it and reading ebooks would be my main occupation so I'm really interested in your answer.Thanks!

  5. Asus Nexus 7 has slightly better specs, it stands out due to it's display and processor. That said, for a student, someone who needs to save money, needs lots of storage space and expansion, the memo pad is probably your best bet. Nexus 7 is more for Tegra games, that's it big selling point. Other than that, why would anyone pay over $200 for a non productivity tablet. You can get a Nook HD for $129, if you want to couch surf, game, movies, and read. Best display resolution aswell on Nook HD

  6. Unless your playing hardcore gameloft type games in the last year, you'd need a tegra 3 tablet. This one works fine for most older titles. It should have no issues playing a lot of older versions as it does have a Mali 400 GPU. It's also 99 bucks right now. Asus is releasing new Memo Pads with Tegra 3 for around 149 they were sposed to be out by July.

  7. You should have shown games running. I have a OLD tablet from March 2012 that is a Coby MID9742 and it runs Shadowgun just fine. Only recent Gameloft games have issues, older ones work fine.

  8. There are some new 7 inch Memos which are sposed to have Tegra 3 but it will cost around 149 USD. The tablet you review is just 99 USD right now.

  9. Nah, I am getting the MemoPad, it's cheap and It is really similar to a Nexus but slower, and I'm just a students so I'll only use it for reading PDF's and for Facebook/Youtube/Twitter, and some non-graphic games, so well, I'd rather getting a Memopad if you were an student like me.

  10. I am likely getting this for my birthday, because it is almost my birthday and my grandma asked if this tablet was good so she can buy the tablet "for herself".

    I hope so, because I need a new tablet because my other one isn't compatible with many apps, is outdated and is almost broken…

  11. I would go with the Nexus btw because its a bit more future proof at least while you see all this new tech roll out like the Tegra4 tablets ext you still have the power of Tegra3 with Nexus 7 to keep you in a safe zone for quite a bit longer.

  12. the nexus 7 may be better but the memo pad is good to get you into the tablet world and good for kids because i dont think parents will give their nexus 7 to their kids
    the memo pad was my first tablet then i won a ipad mini on a tv competition but i didnt keep it for long and i sold it . Now i have a nexus 10

  13. For Students like me, every penny is worth saving…. I dont need speed…. I just need mainly something that can read ebooks and perform organizational daily tasks

  14. Just got this tablet for 157€. In most online shops here in Slovakia is 169€, but the shop which I use, has his main part in Czech Republic and their goods are priced according theirs. Nexus is by the way 239€ for the 16GB version, and the 82€ difference may also be appealing for the ones with thinner wallets.
    My main reason was the MicroSD card slot, which Nexus lacks, and even when it is better in every other aspect, my purproses will serve the ASUS quite well too. At least I hope.

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