Blackberry KEYone vs Passport Comparison

Which one has a greater keyboard? Which one has a greater worth for cash? What are the professionals and cons of each telephones? Let’s discover out!

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Where to purchase the KEYone?

BLACK 64GB is £382 right here:

Amazon UK £399:
Amazon US $513:
Where to purchase the Passport?
Amazon US $205:
Amazon UK £175:
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36 thoughts on “Blackberry KEYone vs Passport Comparison”
  1. Could you please provide the link to which I can download the wallpapers used for each device? They are amazing!

  2. The Passport is guuud, until it's not. That's why the KeyOne exists, yeah? In fact, EVERYTHING is good, until it's not. Use what's best.

  3. you're a bb hater lols… couldn't even finish the video… I became too irritated with your blatant hatred of BB.

  4. The Passport is simply the best ✨ Emails, documents, music, speakers etc. Bought the Keyone Black, went back to Passport after a few months. Using an iPhone SE on the side for apps

  5. The best ever phone .I use it for only emails and calls so it is perfect .You can install almost any android app from amazon or others or just download the APK file and run .No google or apple crap.

  6. Don't forget that the keyone is made by TLC and the Passport by BB.
    I am too hoping that BB will revive the Passport SE with full Android with the HUB. BB: please make it happen!!!

  7. passport sluggish? really? I disagree 100% i find it to be the best. One reason i like blackberry because i don't like android .It does the job well email text call other stuff not needed i use pc for them.

  8. Lol the back is carbin fiber and makes ur phone easy to hold, is not cheap like all the glass back phone lol

  9. Passport was the best device I ever used. Always been a blackberry fanboy but this was the real deal. unfortunetly I had to sell mine because the needed apps I used werent supported anymore.

  10. Blackberry World App Store is Shutting Down

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