BlackBerry KEYone vs Passport!

Hey everybody! In this video I examine the BlackBerry Passport to the BlackBerry KEYone! Enjoy 🙂

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25 thoughts on “BlackBerry KEYone vs Passport!”
  1. Nope your wrong.
    WhatsApp and all Android apps still working in Blackberry Passport.
    I'm still using the passport as of today for September 2019. And I'm using Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook. Spotify, Chrome Browser, Google maps. Netflix. YouTube, and many many other Android apps on my Passport and they all work perfect and smooth. Zero issues.
    Also Blackberry just sent out a new update just a few days ago as well. Blackberry is still sending out BB10 updates still as of 2019.

  2. Hi found your channel and absolute love your content. I have a question does the Passport will still work in 2020 ? I heard some services are getting shutted down, whats your opinion on using a passport in 2020?

  3. You are a good Blackberry geek. It's rare to find young people these days who even know what a Blackberry is. Especially because in Japan where I live, only companies know Blackberry. The general public has no knowledge of Blackberry, let alone the Passport or Keyone.So even in 2019 I am using it and will for a long time to come, unless they come out with a New Blackberry Passport version. Thanks.

  4. I just bought GSM Passport will be here this Friday. Its my second Passport and Im excited. I have a Blackberry collection.

  5. Hey Jan, love your content..

    May I ask how you got into BlackBerrys? You are younger than the usual demographic associated with Berrys. I am curious to know is all. Have a good one!

  6. Thanks Jan, your BB Videos are great and always to the point, which makes it informative. I have left my Samsung S8+ behind and went back to my BlackBerry Passport just for my own personal reasons and like many, I too hope they release a Passport with Android

  7. I know I will never use a passport phone but man that phone is one of a kind…looks dope …hope they release a new version of passport in 2019

  8. Love my passport but the browser is outdated and won't work on some sites ??? What browser would work to fix this???

  9. the question is still pending. And i'm still using my Passport in July 2018 for email and documents. And what a wonderful keyboard it has! Too bad the android runtime will not be updated…

  10. Can we install and use whatsapp properly in this passport?

    I have go to crackberry. None of them works in 2018.

  11. Hi I really need your help my blackberry passport one of the letters on the keyboard isn't working and i need to unlock it but my password has the letter that's not working how can I use the virtual keyboard … pleaseeee help

  12. Please show how to make the imo app work on the Blackberry passport when it has been deleted and reinstalled back on the phone.

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