[BLIND TEST] Smartphone Speaker Comparison - Sony / Samsung / Apple / OnePlus / Xiaomi / Oppo

Dual Stereo Speaker Comparison Between Sony Xperia 1 ii, Samsung S20 Ultra, iPhone 11 Pro Max, OnePlus 8 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, and Oppo Find X2 Pro – All with Dolby Atoms (besides Xiaomi with “sound effects”) / Samsung, Apple, OnePlus and Oppo have down firing audio system and entrance going through utilizing the earpiece whereas the Xiaomi has down and up firing audio system and the Sony is the one one with twin entrance going through audio system.

Can You HEAR a Difference Without Knowing Which is Which? – 6 Phones / 4 Different Apps. Which do you suppose SOUNDS finest on this BLIND Smartphone Speaker Test? – Let me know which you suppose is finest between telephones A, B, C, D, E, and F within the feedback part, however please chorus from revealing the ultimate outcomes in order that others may take part on the enjoyable!

Comments part examples which can be acceptable:
– I believe A is finest, as a result of.. and so forth.
– I believe B is the Xiaomi, and so forth.
– B is the loudest, F is the clearest, and so forth.

Note, all telephones have been set to their MAX VOLUME and with Dolby Atmos set to dynamic (Xiaomi is utilizing “sound effects” because it lacks Dolby Atmos). The RODE NT-USB MIC was utilized in the identical place every time and the telephones have all been positioned in the identical spot with the MIC above it to present the phantasm that you’re holding the system horizontally.

00:00 – Intro / Phones to be examined / Test Bench / Phone Specs & Settings
01:30 – Music Comparison (Song by Base Rebels)
02:31 – Movies Comparison (Ghostbusters: Afterlife Trailer)
03:32 – YouTube Comparison (TechNick Display Blind Test)
04:32 – Gaming Comparison (Modern Combat 5)

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28 thoughts on “[BLIND TEST] Smartphone Speaker Comparison – Sony / Samsung / Apple / OnePlus / Xiaomi / Oppo”
  1. At first I was biased to the D but at the end I chose the C. And really it's a surprise that in another blind test I have joined before, iPhone 11 Pro Max was also what I chose. Really it is fairly consistent, isn't it?

  2. Hello hi i try to find a phone with a good sound speaker and good battery is Sony 10 good speaker and battery?

  3. In terms of loudness they are all neck to neck. C was the worst in quality others are nice especially D and A for me, B was great in quality but not well balanced with tones, last two are totally fine, well balanced but not that full in sound.

  4. In the earphone mode no one can beat sony™ clear bass,surround sounds,audio quality no challange I'm using sony…I can't use Chinese brands….sony ericsson w800 megabass™ this was the best sound performer……sony sony sony makes belive….

  5. For me the worst performing audio was C. It has way too much shrills at the top range, and very excessive treble (and bass sometimes) that makes its audio muddy. Definitely not an "all-rounder" as you suggest (I think it's because of your bias due to it being an iphone)
    A has the best audio overall, B sometimes excel in games especially having the vocal still popping even though the background is laced with gun sounds, D is the true all-rounder with nothing very surprising, E resembles A a lot which means it's also pretty good, and F perform better at movies.

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