Create a Group in the NEW Gmail

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This video will present you easy methods to create a group in Gmail. The New Gmail has modified easy methods to create a group. Instead of making a group in Gmail, now you create labels in the new Gmail. Add your contacts to labels after which you possibly can shortly ship emails to teams of emails in Gmail. .

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29 thoughts on “Create a Group in the NEW Gmail”
  1. Thank you for making this video. This is a regular question that our staff often ask me, so I have been in need of a good how-to. This saved me a lot of time from making one myself and is better than the one I'd have made anyway. Cheers mate!

  2. Dear sir.
    I have invited two people to my google group "Vuxenflirta". They have accepted my invitations, and I have marked them as Member and posts allowed. What do I need to do more for these members to be able to chat

    See image:

  3. Thanks; that was very easy to follow. I needed to update contacts and a group and it had been years since I was in there.

  4. Thank you so much! Creating groups is certainly not intuitive. I needed your clear, step-by-step instructions to help me through this.

  5. I want to use more than one email for people in a group list, but when
    i try to send, it only sends to the first email listed. Ist there a way to correct this?

  6. Thanks for this. Is it possible to send the email to the groups via BCC? So they will not see who's part of the "label"?

  7. Great job! Straight forward video, no extra talking or comments. The direction was clear and easy to follow! Thank you!

  8. Everything worked perfectly up until I attempted to compose a new email and use the "Label" name. Gmail could not find it so I was back to manually entering all the names.

  9. Thank you so much! This was so much more helpful to me than the google search I did. I watched this and got it! Thank you, thank you!

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