Fire HD 6 vs Fire HDX - Kindle Tablets Compared

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10 thoughts on “Fire HD 6 vs Fire HDX – Kindle Tablets Compared”
  1. Perfect tablet for me. It's nice, slim and just about the size of a large phone. Totally getting this tablet for Christmas. It's a quad core tablet and also has a 1080P Rear facing camera. Oh hell yeah! Totally going to get the 16 Gig though.

  2. So who is shooting photos with tablet anyway. Also in comparison you should put the performance issue. New kindle HD has kitkat based os where HDX only jelly bean – soon to be updated to latest os sangria from Amazon. 

  3. I don't see the hd 6 as a very attractive device, except as for portability. I mean, it is close to the size of avg flagship sphones ~5.2 inches than to actual mini tablets.

  4. If I already didn't have the Fire HD 2nd Gen, I'd definitely get this. I like how it has the rear facing camera. The price is great too. Thanks for the comparison.

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