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  1. Edge is not a gimmick I have seen it under the glass its slightly bend . To make a slight bend screen is very hard ,needs inovation and not like apples flat screen..

  2. If apple introduced an edge .They will never say it a gimmick."it would be extraordinary" out of the world stuff .if apple introduced phone just like note 4 edge the apple boys and girls would have praised it to the skies.Apple is now one of the ordinary phones in market with least innovations. Catching up with others ,surviving only because of brand name,think of any other company introducing phones like apple,they would have fallen long time ago. OK if you u think I am wrong say any one feature of apple that is not available on other phones ,you can buy phones with same specifications of iPhone 7 for 150 dollars or less… used to be an iPhone fan 9 years ago when apple was one of few companies making touch phones ,after a few years from that bought a Samsung phone for 100 dollars seeing the specification,I was a little hypothetic at first but it proved to be a good decision. Look at the current situation apple copying others with 1 to 2 year gap..

  3. Mr.Mobile called this edge as a gimmick but S6 edge and all the edge devices after this have a useless edge screen

  4. I'm going to sound spoiled saying this but I'm adding the Note Edge to my wishlist n I want em in both colors

  5. 2018 and I still like my Note 4 .. although I tried many other phones including Iphone6 & plus 7, but I always come back to the note 4

  6. does nobody else think this looks nasty with only one edge? put an edge on both sides and i'd buy it in a heartbeat.

  7. The edge on the note is definitely not a gimmick in my opinion. However I know it just depends on the person and what they like and need in a device

  8. Samsung actually MASTERED the edge design. Now, for all the S series they release it with an edge version.

    Galaxy S6 edge, S6 edge +
    Galaxy S7 edge
    Galaxy S8, S8+

  9. I still use a Galaxy S2 Skyrocket in 2017 and it runs 7.1.2 Paranoid Android PERFECTLY… So latest features for $45

  10. Note series fan. Note 4 is my daily driver. I returned newer phone, including the Note Edge to go back to a regular Note 4. Large removable battery for flying across the world or when you can't sit there looking for a place to recharge. SD card! Big Quad HD screen! It's be nice to upgrade, but the Note 4 just plain works! Nothing else has the flexibility of this beast. Maybe they should just upgrade the Note 4 to a faster chip and more Ram and call it the Note 4Squared or something. Apple has been doing dinky upgrades to their phones for years and people keep buying them.

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