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33 thoughts on “Galaxy S7 Edge vs Galaxy S6 Edge+: Very Familiar Faces | Pocketnow”
  1. I've been using 6edge plus for almost 3 years.
    I am not a gadget junkie, so it doesn't really matter for me if my phone is 2 seconds slower than the latest one.
    Yes people can buy if they can afford, but for some even of they can afford, they choose not too.

  2. Another horrible review. Running a benchmark app seems like it would be a no-brainer, yet never do it. Thumbs down.

  3. you aren't denoting which phone is which…just constantly holding them without telling the enduser which one is s7 or s6…all you guys do this…is this arrogance on you'all's part or just plain unaware…

  4. hi everybody plz guide me im how cell phone pharchase me . iphone 6s . s6edge plus . s7 . s7edge plz reply my friends

  5. To me the s6 edge plus looks more cooler and it looks more unique but hey that is just me. and the s7 edge plus just look too ordinary and familiar

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