How to Add Signature in Gmail

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  1. Thanks for this one, but how can you add HTML signature in gmail App on iPad? or is it possible to synchronize signature across devices?

  2. Hi Kevin! Do you know how to do this on mobile? I have a signature with logos and photos that I'd like to add to mobile but can't seem to figure it out.

    For gmail and the apple mail app

  3. What does digital signature look like ? i'm in dispute and they said i signed a form digitally but the digital signature they have produced is a hand written signature so i'm confused when i don't have software or anything to write a signature and the signature they're producing is too small and too neat to be mine .

  4. I am just getting only one line option. I cant add the second line. I am not sure why it is so? How can I?

  5. Well nice revision I had.
    I would like to ask how can we add a digital signature (similiar to manual kind)

  6. 27 November 2020: Martial Arts Master, Bruce Lee's birthday. Several years ago, I did this, but I totally forgot how to do add or change my electronic mailing signature.  Kevin S. Your instructions were excellent. Thanks to you, I was able to add in one of my favorite Quotes to all of my outgoing e-mail letters. Two Thumbs up high to you. NKD

  7. hello bro. I think something went wrong in making my email by seeing your video but nothing appears on my email. Please give advice on what going on.

  8. Good Day Great video, but I must provide you proactive constructive feedback.
    I would like for you to improve your video stream with a better screenshot of your stream video its way too blurry
    it will add a better touch for ones with hard to see and read visual, disabilities please consider others that may not have the site to see.

    Thank you.

  9. So. I did all that thank you very much. However, if I am sending email from my phone it does not send the signature the way it is send from my laptop. Can you help with that please.

  10. Thanks. Love your presence. Very friendly. I know I can pause the video, but I would love if you went a little slower…but I did pause a lot!

  11. Hi! I was wondering how I can get the box option for an email. For me when I go down to signiture it only allows me to do a line it does not allow be to have a box so I can't put (For example) "Kind regards" before my name and do my name of the next line as when I click enter in creates the signature rather than going to a new line. Hope someone can help. Thanks!

  12. Thank you! I did it on my web Gmail account. However, it did not carry out to my Google Pixle 3 phone Gmail App. Can you teach us how to do that?

  13. Thank you for getting right into it and not going on and on in the beginning. I subscribed to your channel because of that.

  14. This is a great video but what if you change it and then it doesn't look the same when you send an e-mail from an iphone 8plus? Emails sent from the phone and viewed on a computer have a differently formatted signature look and even deletes some of the signature content. It's like the phone is converting it somehow.

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