How to replace 🔧 🔋 Battery 📱Nokia Lumia 1020 ( 909 ) by himself.
Removal battery Nokia Lumia 1020 ( RM-875) at house with a minimal set of instruments.

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9 thoughts on “How to replace Battery Nokia Lumia 1020 ( RM-875, RM-876, RM-877, 909 )”
  1. There is no need to replace that copper "film"? Had one replaced, non Nokia, battery without it. After 5 months it needed almost constant charging to work, i a w it was "done".

  2. hi how are you, well my problem is the following I changed a few days ago the Module Pantala Display Lcd Touch Screen Nokia Lumia 1020 because it had a fall, well with the screen made dust the camera worked the problem turned out after changing Module Pantala Display Lcd Touch Screen when I press the camera button enters but stays in black I would like to know if you have to change the camera to restart the phone as factory and remains the same would like your answer since no one gives me solution thank you very much bye

  3. So my problem is after I replaced the battery, the touchscreen is not responsive to touch. I bought a new module (as the old one was imprecise after I dropped it) for 80 dollars and still won't respond to my fingers. What do I do? does the copper paper strip or the gray patch in the battery have something to do?

  4. а что с пленкой, которую отклеили при изъятии батареи? она не нужна?

  5. Hi my Lumia 1020 will not  turn on even after changing the battery. When I place in on the charger, the Windows logo lights up for about 1 minute then goes away but that is all and the screen remains black. Tried all the buttons combinations still no luck. The computer sees the telephone when I connect the cable.

  6. Nokia 1020 help please.

    I can't charge battery, it buzzes on then off to on and off ect. it goes as far as the Nokia logo. I tried soft and hard reset and am now stuck.

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