Huawei Mate 9 - Review

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  1. If Huawei wanted you to pronounce it "wawei", they would have translated their company name from pictograms into Wawei, not into Huawei. If someone tells you otherwise, they should correct the spelling of their name in western languages.

  2. 1:36
    I have a mate 9 you can change it from settings to make it icons i have the icons choice in the middle east edetion i dont know about your edition by the way mate 9 is a great device , i like gsm arena channel but not this man

  3. Go to settings, notification bar then notification method and select icons. This will activate the notifications settings

  4. How do I turn the camera sound off? :((( In the camera app it doesn't make any, but when I open the camera on whatsapp or messenger or any other app, it does that damn sound 🙁

  5. All I see are reviews after reviews but no news from Huawei on when this will be available in the U.S…I'm thinking about buying the unlocked version..

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