Huawei Mate 9 vs Mate 9 Pro Full Review, The Ultimate Comparison!

The Huawei Mate 9 and the Mate 9 Pro are right here! We’ve dived deep into the Mate 9 Pro weeks earlier than, however what are the variations between the larger brother, Mate 9 and the final word flagship Mate 9 Pro? Let’s discover out!

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21 thoughts on “Huawei Mate 9 vs Mate 9 Pro Full Review, The Ultimate Comparison!”
  1. I'm confused. On this review and your review of the Mate 9, you give good impressions of the camera. On your review of the P10 Plus you show and mention so much oversharping and not good low light performance, where on the Mate 9 review no mention of oversharping and you talk about the great low light performance. I had assumed, other than the lenses, that the cameras on the Mate 9 and the P10 Plus were the same. I'm was considering either the Mate 9 or the P10 Plus.

  2. I'm for some reason really attracted to him…. anyways I love your vids and now I'm considering getting the Mate 9 Pro though the lack of SD Card is a bummer

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