Huawei P10 Lite vs P9 Lite - Speed Test! (4K)

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33 thoughts on “Huawei P10 Lite vs P9 Lite – Speed Test! (4K)”
  1. I've got the P9 Lite and it's a great phone.. In your test, Smash Hit loaded in 9 seconds. I have the VNS-L21C432B394 (2GB RAM) and Smash Hit loads in 7.9 seconds! wtf…

  2. Your tests are kinda odd. And I know why! Your internet speed sucks! I personally own a P9 Lite (VNS-L21 C432B392) and loaded way faster than P10 Lite in your video!

  3. i left my p10 lite on my table while going to drink a glass of water.when i came back i found it on the floor

  4. Hello,I have Huawei p10 lite and im worried that my phone's battery is going to start draining really fast because the charger it came with is a Quick one…how could i possibly charge it without damaging the battery?

  5. There is less application on that Huawei p10 lite, that's why it's faster to boot, and p9lite is collapsed, so you put in a man's stupidity …

  6. This is a mystery to me… P10 lite has virtually the same CPU as P9 lite, and at the moment they both have exact same software and all… Yet p10 is much faster (friend has p9 and I have p10, results are similar to this video)… How on earth

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