40 thoughts on “iPad Pro: How to Add Gmail (Email) Address & Use (Setup Multiple Gmail Accounts)

  1. When I go to Safari and try to sign in to google it dont work it acts like its loading but never load and when I go to google chrome it loads perfect anybody know how to fix it? I kinda need to use safari more and not google chrome if anyone has a idea please let me know thank you!

  2. Hi, I’m having trouble adding a second Gmail account. When I press to add a second Gmail account. I keep getting a pop up saying “setting” wants to use “google.com” to sign in. Please help me to be able to fix it. I had watched your video a couple of times and I don’t see that happening. Thanks, Mary

  3. When I press “google” literally nothing happens. It doesnt bring me to a screen where I can sign in or anything. It know that I’m pressing it but it does nothing

  4. Very helpful. Your tutorial was explained at a good pace for those who are new to this. Many who post information speedtalk which makes it hard to understand. So thanks for making this clear and easy to understand 🙂

  5. At the moment there seems to be a problem at least on my device it always jumps back to the „add account“-screen. Do you have the same problem at the moment, or any ideas?

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