iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11 - Which iPhone Should You Buy?

The iPhone 12 is right here, however the iPhone 11 remains to be within the Apple lineup and is now bought at discounted price–so do you have to purchase the iPhone 11 or iPhone 12? Check out CASETiFY’s iPhone 12 Cases with FREE SHIPPING right here:

What are the brand new options? Are they value the additional $200 extra? The new iPhone 12 has the Ceramic Shield show, so do you want iPhone 12 case to your new cellphone? I breakdown the variations between these two telephones intimately, together with all the brand new options. I hope it’s useful! Enjoy!

00:00 – Intro
00:56 – CASETiFY’s iPhone 12 Case
02:33 – Cost of iPhone 11 and iPhone 12
02:55 – Design iPhone 12 and iPhone 11
03:10 – iPhone 12 5G
03:36 – iPhone 12 MagSafe
04:10 – Does iPhone iPhone 12 Need a Case?
04:50 – Water and Dust Resistance
05:04 – Colors and Customization
05:27 – Display (*12*) (*11*)
06:28 – Pixel Density
06:52 – Size of iPhone 12
06:55 – iPhone 12 A14 Bionic and iPhone 11 A13 Bionic Difference
08:17 – Battery Life iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12
08:50 – Cameras in iPhone 12 and iPhone 11
09:01 – iPhone 12 Font and Back Cameras
10:48 – Conclusion On iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11


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31 thoughts on “iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11 – Which iPhone Should You Buy?”
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  2. Hello I got a good idea to you who have been looking for a way out to unlock your iphone
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  3. hello brother i am from india and i wanted to buy iphone but little confused which one should i pick. iphone 11,128gb or iphone 12,128gb budget is not an problem but is it worth buy buy an iphone 12 in india because iphone 12,128gb price is $1142 and iphone 11,128gb price is $739 in india…..as i told you budget is not a problem but is it worth spending $400 more to buy an iphone 12

  4. Im an android user and I'm considering between the 11 and 12. Imma wait til Black Friday too see how much ip12 would drop bc tbh I'd love to have the 12 more than the 11

  5. Okay I have an 6 which is pretty non functional at this point( the touchscreen freezes often) lol. But should I get an 11( which one? is the best?) or a 12? My phone started not working great back in january! But i thought to wait because everyone talked about the great next iphone. Now i don't know whether to get an 11 of some kind or a 12. Camera quality is important to me too, but it can't be that different from an 11 to 12

  6. Is that just me who thinks the wireless charging (MagSafe) is an eyewash?? I mean if I’ve gotta plug in the charger to the socket in both cases then how is it even wireless (like AirPods are wireless you don’t need to plug it in to a socket to get you EarPods charged)
    If I will have to plug in mag safe charger in the socket I can very well plug in a normal wired adapter based charger too… why do I spend extra 5k rs on it??

  7. Bet he's gonna regret for a long time for mistakenly holding an iphone 12 Pro instead of an iphone 12 during this whole video.

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