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– Microsoft pronounces Office for iPad /2014/03/27/office-for-ipad
– Microsoft Office for iPhone and Android telephones going free-to-use /2014/03/27/microsoft-office-for-smartphones
– Lumia 1820, Galaxy S5 variants hinted at by case maker? Maybe, perhaps not /2014/03/27/lumia-1820-proof
– HTC units its sights on snagging 10 p.c of the market; does it have an opportunity? /2014/03/27/htc-progress-plans
– Apple plans to allow you to message and see the place you are going with “transparent texting” /2014/03/27/apple-clear-texting-patent
– More rumors level to no iPhone 6 launch till (*6*) /2014/03/27/iphone-6-september-rumors

Watch at the moment’s Pocketnow Daily as we discuss in regards to the Microsoft Office for iPad announcement, and what does this imply even for iPhone and Android smartphone customers. We then discuss in regards to the rumors of a Nokia Lumia 1820 and a Samsung Galaxy S5 mini, S5 Active and S5 Zoom in keeping with case makers. HTC follows the information as the corporate intends to interrupt gross sales data this 12 months with the brand new One. Apple is subsequent as we come throughout this cool patent of clear texting. We finish at the moment’s present speaking in regards to the doable delays within the launch of the iPhone 6 this 12 months.

All this and more after the break.


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iPhone 6 delays, Microsoft Office for iPad, GS5 Active & more – Pocketnow Daily


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26 thoughts on “iPhone 6 delays, Microsoft Office for iPad, GS5 Active & more – Pocketnow Daily”
  1. Alright there! Have you thought about – Discount Zondy (do a search on google)? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my brother in law keeps getting deep Amazon discount codes with it.

  2. if apple sort the battery life out then it's very desirable I would imagine! However I suspect that iphone will be very thin with a rubbish battery life, it's a shame but apple just aren't learning  that this is a badly needed upgrade!

  3. Next phone is a phablet. Ill wait for iphone phablet and Galaxy Note 4 when I will contrast and compare before buying.

  4. I hope crapple doesn't get that patent. I used to use an app that did exactly that on my S1 years ago.
    Then again if crapple does get it patented just shows how wrong and corrupted the US patent office is.

  5. I just wait til there's a phone that actually catches my eye I had my nexus 4 for a while, but then I decided to try the g2 and I like it. Lol

  6. Oppo Find 7
    I'm most interested in that phone compared to the HTC One m8.
    Oppo Find 7 has way better specs
    In any case I believe I'll be getting that phone as soon as my contract is up.. Which will be in September 🙂

  7. I'm waiting for the iPhone 6, I've got the 4S right now and have been sporting it for a few years so I'd like a new one lol

  8. Hmmm. iPhone but i think 5.5 is bit large. I do realise its ment as a competition to the note 3 but it's bit strange

  9. my upgrade is not due until December 31st 2016 lol i currently have a Blue Iphone 5c I hate it I miss android lol

  10. I usually give my smartphones 2 years time and then change it to whatever is the best (for me) available on the market.

  11. This summer! I wanna see the unavailing of the iPhone 6 before I make a decision. Anythings an upgrade to this iPhone 4 I have 

  12. 2:20 I'm pretty sure there are apps that already do that…except it's not just for texting. It would be kinda stupid for Apple to patent that.

     In fact, when you search "transparent screen" you get about 20 apps in the Play Store (Idk about the Apple App store)

  13. I bought a SG Note when it first came about 3 yrs back…. somehow I've managaed to pull off my smartphone needs so far; So waiting for september! Iphone6 or SG Note 4!! : )

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