iPhone 6 vs iPhone 7 Plus

Should I Upgrade iPhone 6 to 7 Plus is a query I’ve been receiving fairly a bit so I figured why not make a video on this matter. In this video the aim is to share the data and expertise I’ve acquired on each gadgets that will help you reply this query: Should I improve iPhone 6 to 7 Plus?

iPhone 6 Pricing and Information:

iPhone 7 Plus Pricing and Information:

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24 thoughts on “iPhone 6 vs iPhone 7 Plus”
  1. Should I upgrade iPhone 6 to 7 Plus is a question some might be scratching there heads about and in this video I share with you my take on this question based on my experiences using both devices I give you my perspective, opinions, and review on most areas of each device! Share yours below! Let's Gooooooo!!!

  2. That’s not the iPhone 7 + that’s the 8+ because the 8+ has a glass shiny back and the iPhone 7+ has a Matte smooth back that isn’t glass.

  3. I just transferred my dad’s sim to my old iPhone 6 and he’s not used to the big screen haha he had the iPhone 5 silver for 5 YEARS!!!

  4. Thanks for this video. It’s April 2019 and I’m just upgrading to the 7Plus tomorrow (it’s in the mail) from a 6S that I bought new… 7S 128gb price for me $250, mint condition.. worth it to me? Yup. Selling my iPhone 6S 64gb, (mint) for $175.. never will spend 700+ for a new phone, but that’s just me. Again thanks for the video.

  5. I still would upgrade to the 7 plus because I have the iPhone 6 and I just bought it and it would keep restarting/turn off WiFi and never come on/slow/and never turn on. I barely have any apps on there, I only have YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat.

  6. Everyone is so salty about the 7 plus not having a headphone jack like tbh it’s not really that big of a deal

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