iPhone 6s Plus vs iPhone 6 Plus Camera Comparison!

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35 thoughts on “iPhone 6s Plus vs iPhone 6 Plus Camera Comparison!”
  1. Thinking about buying an iPhone 6 Plus 64gb, the other option is a 6s plus 16gb. What do you guys recommend? Keep in mind I'm a heavy Snapchat/Instagram/social media user

  2. if you hold the 6plus next to the 6s plus while shooting a test video , you can see the 6plus video quality looks like a cheaper toy compare to the newer 6s plus, go try it and see for yourself.
    besides of that, i don't think it is worth to wait for 7 . i wait for the 8 next year.

  3. Some of the 6 Plus photos looked like there were fingerprint smudges over the lenses. I know that mine takes better photos than what you got. lol

  4. i would say camera has been one of the strong points of iphone….i have an iphone 6 and it has beaten dslr's when it comes to decent day and night photo shooting with ease of use(very important)….i never feel the need to buy a dslr, nor does any other phone camera comes close, u may line a bunch of android based phone cameras but none is so fast to click a pic in a jiff…iphone wins

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