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The query we mostly get on social media is that if one smartphone is better than the opposite. In this point in time, the similarities between merchandise are fairly widespread, with just a few differentiating components left that will help you select one system over one other. As it stands, 2016 is the 12 months of units just like the Apple iPhone 7 Plus and the (*7*) Galaxy S7 edge. Both units have been designed to compete in opposition to one another because the phablet variant of the most well liked lineup that every firm has produced.

To discover out which is the better choose, watch our full comparability


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iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy S7 edge: More isn’t always better | Pocketnow


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32 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy S7 edge: More isn’t always better | Pocketnow”
  1. Samsung should bring this back and slap a 4000mah battery and sd 865 in it. Make it $399 with 128GB and call it a day.

  2. If you can’t afford to buy an iPhone or you don’t work in a professional setting, just go with the Samsung and stop trying to be someone you’re not. An iPhone is a symbol or icon of someone wealthy who enjoys divulging in the luxuries of life.

  3. In my opinion as a s7 edge user, s7 is better but when you use the phone for a couple months battery deteriorates quicker than iphone and apps and applications take quite long to load. Also the fingerprint sensor is not as accurate and takes multiple tries to actually unlock. Also s7 edge screen is more fragile, which makes it easier to break.

    I will be switching back to iphone, however samsung is better and has better software but in my opinion it is a bit too good as a phone, iphone is More simple and basic and s7 is complex but with loads of great features, it all depends on preference

  4. 4:00 it's because of an Apple software trick that makes you think it the battery percentage goes down slowly, then it just tumbles, as a professional reviewer you should know that.

  5. Still using s7 edge in 2019.

    Multitasking is amazing on this thing. Plus the game recording is amazing.

    Exynos model is the one to go for.

  6. The phone is really good.>>ur2.pl/1233 It looks as they described it that it has light scratch from behind, but it doesn’t matter when you use a cover to protect your phone. I have it now for less than year and works perfectly so far. No problems with it. But I wish it had a wire headphone

  7. I have had the s7 edge for over a year now and it gets laggy and heats up really fast when the display is off and it is in my pocket, when playing big games like pubg or asphalt 8 the battery drains fast and it's lags, that's not the case when I use my friends iPhone 7 plus,

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