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The LG G5 incorporates a radically new design over the curved LG telephones of yesteryear. For people utilizing an LG G4, has there been sufficient enchancment to warrant upgrading after just one yr? Part one among our LG Family Fight! G5 vs G4! Is this improve price it?

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LG G5 vs LG G4: Should you improve? (LG Fight Pt.1) | Pocketnow


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41 thoughts on “LG G5 vs LG G4: Should you upgrade? (LG Fight Pt.1) | Pocketnow”
  1. How long have you had your lg g4. Im thinking of getting one. Are they all prone to bootloop. Or just 10%,is 811 version ok?

  2. I have been using the same lg phone for 4 years now, it was my first phone. I ordered a new phone on ebay, because there are some issues with my current phone (very slow and calls disable the screen, if that makes sense). Of course, after only ever using an LG, the new phone I ordered is an LG. LG g4

  3. LG G4 is an unreliable phone. Could be a good device if it hadn't infamous and pervasive bootloop issue. It's very likely that sooner or later every G4 phone gets one. And LG fails a big deal to take responsibility for that. Instead, they set rules or regulations for their so-called official representatives to seek and find whatever excuses to revoke warranty. Considering their conduct on problematic cases, I suggest to be very cautious on weighing purchasing LG devices.

  4. I have the G4 for one year and I have never experienced any issue. Even if I could buy the G5, in my opinion it doesn't worth it; it looks cheap to me. The leader back from the G4 still rocks in 2017.

  5. Ugh. I really don't want this phone. I want the G4 but the bootloop problem is still occurring even now in late 2016. Coming from a Moto G that also had a booting problem, the G4 isn't looking all that appealing as an upgrade. Bur neither is the G5. I guess I'll just have to find a V10 for cheap somewhere.

  6. I know you have been considering new games for tests on the larger screens perhaps adding a RPG title such as SW KoTOR a older game now admitedly but it will show the clarity of the text on these rpg games a nescesary point and why some phone gamers would go for a larger screened phone 🙂

  7. I had a g4 got rid of it, but I have gotten it back, I got the dual SIM H 818N a version usually acquired from India,I think the feel of the g4 and a bigger screen compared to the G5 which I did have and went back to the g4 accessories you can get for the g4 now a lot better such as quick ring cover which has I a heap more great features know one thing, I didn't like about the G5 when you slide the battery in there's always a little gap where is the battery went in and met the phone there was a gap. I like the fact that if you want I can just whip out Me battery and throw it in a freshly charge one ,And you do not have half your phone stuck to the battery, and the differences between the 808 and the so called up upgrade, I can live with.

  8. Yes, you should upgrade to the G5…the LG G4 has a loop problem; which renders your phone useless. If you wish to continue to use the G4 – you will need to have it fixed before the loop problem eventually occurs.

  9. I've been upgraded to G5 from G4! I was excited to start playing with the phone but last week i send it back to LG to check the screen! They claim that the G5 screen lights up to 900 nits but when i compared it to the G4 (454nits) I almost cried! The G4 was at least twice as bright from G5! I am waiting for the results and i am certainly waiting for a new device…. Let's see…

  10. I always loved Juan's videos. Never disappointed me. Many of the streamers are just like "It's new, you MUST get it". I have a G4 and I have mates who own G2-G5.
    I've compared my LG to the G3 and it owned it – the camera, the overall performance and heating issues were fixed. The G5 had only 2 huge advantages – gaming perfomance, and wide angle camera addition. However, I don't play games, and for that amount of money it'd be better to buy some decent DSLR camera.
    I am a bit disappointed – true, G5 is a modular phone with some nice features. But, come on, I cannot stand that metal frame. It has no grip, I dropped my friend's phone twice in 10 minutes while holding it normally.
    I do think that G5>G4. However, if you're not a maniac, you might wait for the G6 and then post Far East Movement's song on Facebook .

  11. I have the G2, 3 and 4. But I will not be getting the G5. Why? I'm furious LG made the screen for the G5 smaller. I won't buy another smartphone if it's not 5.5" or more.

  12. It might be a new design, but not a new design language! What would make you think it was? This way you are just destroying perfectly good words by using them wrong. Stop that!

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