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Every iteration of LG’s G lineup has had the aim of creating an announcement, however what was of final yr’s G4 doesn’t essentially comply with the identical path.

LG’s strategy to compete in a saturated market by launching telephones which are in no manner much like rivals continues right this moment, however purchase is that this G5 a really completely different gadget than when in comparison with its predecessor.

LG really claims that the predecessor of the G5 is extra the V10 than the G4, and that’s simple to see right here. The plastic and curved G4 with replaceable leather-based choices says good bye to a extra elegant and petit G5 that now sports activities a novel aluminum chassis that doesn’t require the antenna traces that we see in every single place else. The G4 was in no means ugly, however the G5 is simply beautiful in each manner you have a look at it. The G5 additionally feels extra premium within the hand, though each really feel simply as gentle.

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LG G5 vs LG G4: simply no room for comparison | Pocketnow


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39 thoughts on “LG G5 vs LG G4: simply no room for comparison | Pocketnow”
  1. 4,5 years and I still use LG G4 with custom rom (Android 9). Performance is good but battery and heat are so bad 🙁

  2. G5 is just another brick like many others, G4 is different. Compare the G4 with a G5 is like compare an Italian car with a German one.

  3. I prefer the G4, I am always turning the volume up or down (was taking pictures of my pocket until turned off that option) and miss being able to scroll though my home screen in a circle. Plus prefer the regular charge cord to the C.Do love the finger print option though and the clock always being visable.

  4. g4 might not be able to keep up specs-wise with the g5 but damn it was a great phone one of my favourites of all time!

  5. I was happy I moved on from the g4, battery was horrible and caught bootloop.. The only things about the g4 thats good are camera, screen, and speaker..

    I bought this phone on Dec 4 2016. on Jan 15, 2017 I went to pull the stylus out and the head just fell off. now get this Verizon refuses to replace this part because they are not available. lg confirms this. nothing on amazon, ebay, Wal-Mart for this model.

    VERIZON claims the stylus is an accessory however and the warranty does not cover accessories. I have never heard of an accessory that comes with EVERY phone.
    the battery on this phone has to be charged at least twice a day.
    I hate this phone, LG and most of all VERIZON

  7. What is BootLoop please? Everyone just keeps talking about the LG G4 having a BootLoop error. And I'm just sitting here like, "What's boot loop?"

  8. do notifications come through automatically on the lock screen? on the g4 and also do you have a choice of default fonts to choose from on the phone?

  9. i love the G4 anyway in some way its a G3 with a lot of improvements but it has so many cool features and you won't find a better smartphone in this price category of app. 300 to 350€. the camera is very fine and it also supports 4k video playback and has a 2k display.

  10. I like the shape of the G4 (which I have). It's different and having buttons on the back is neat. I got the G4 from having an S4 previously since I wanted to try something different plus the pure Android experience.

  11. 2:00 you say it only effects .05 percent an hour, even though it says right on the screen 0.08. . . . . . . . . . .

  12. Fuck everyone that talks about a phones looks. WHO THE FUCK gives a $hit about how a phone looks like ? Its the specs thats important.

    If you want looks go watch a beauty contest or catwalk show you fucks.

  13. The only reason I'd want to upgrade is because of the fingerprint scanner, and the fact that my G4 just fried itself out with the overheating glitch it seems to have. Although, once my G4 is fixed or replaced, I'll go back to never considering the G5. It's got that weird, chubby, rounded design that I don't like. I love the G4's sharper features, plus with the 6000 mAh upgrade, it's life lasts longer than ever.

  14. This is one ugly phone. I have the G4 and man, i would not want this…and i feel that it was a bit of a stepdown in a lot of ways compared with the G4. Still, the battery design is really cool…

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