LG Q6 vs Nokia 6 - Which is Fastest?

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37 thoughts on “LG Q6 vs Nokia 6 – Which is Fastest?”

    AND 11 APPS
    Still opened in the background

  2. the app you used for the speed test is that legit?i mean like really shows real results?
    just askin thanks

  3. The Q6 is not waterproof , it only passed a extreme dust and humidity test , like a rainy day or a dust storm , how ever my Q6 got sprayed bad with the Fake Snow spray which are common near Christmas and nothing really happened even the spray went into the speaker , it sounded the same

  4. I would definitely buy a Nokia , if it did not have such huge borders on the top and bottom , and I am using a Q6

  5. Finally someone comparing Nokia 6 with another phone with same hardware…….now we can see the difference. Nokia should realize another midrange phone with snapdragon 625 …nokia 7 may be.

  6. Bro I want to buy Lg q6 . can you suggest me heating problem?? I want to good display and single hand use mobile..

  7. If I were to buy a phone Nokia would be it. I'm currently using the lumia 950 XL. So for me the Nokia would be the same hardware maker. But not software.

  8. Im waiting for lg q8. But LG are wrong again. Who will buy that over G6 (440 e) now!? LG should of made G6 big 6,2 inches and then a mini version of G6 5,2 sd 820 waterprof and 16:9. Not that shit Q6. Anyway nice one, mate.

  9. Trying to understand LGs market strategy to use a very premium design and materials and choose a low end processor instead of the 625 chipset at $300. Unless they soon launch a Q6+ series. (you can get a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 4/64Gb and SD 625 for around $180)

  10. Nokia should keep the tank like build and add the new screen to body ratio and it will be just perfect 🙂

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