Nokia Lumia 1020 vs DSLR: Full Review!

It’s little doubt that the Lumia 1020 is the perfect Windows Phones on the market. It has a 1.5GHz dual-core processor with 2GB RAM, however the standout function is the big 41 megapixel sensor on the again. Rather than evaluating it to different smartphone cameras, we’re evaluating to an entry-level DSLR that is available in on the similar price-point of $299. How does it stack up? Let me know what you suppose within the feedback beneath.

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Nokia Lumia 1020 vs DSLR! (Full Review)
Nokia Lumia 1020 vs DSLR! (Full Review)
Nokia Lumia 1020 vs DSLR! (Full Review) .

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33 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 1020 vs DSLR: Full Review!”
  1. I recently did the same again, with a Lumia 1020, a Lumia 950XL, an iPhone 11 Pro, a Woewaai P30Pro, a Nikon D700 and a Nikon D850 (still the benchmark for 35mm sensors). The 950XL is the best all-rounder of the bunch, the crazy corner-to-corner sharpness, sweet-spot 20Mpixel, no distortion, nice 26mm angle, stellar low-light performance that lets me take shots impossible without tripods on my DSLRs! The D850 has stellar detail in the shadows, but it has many limits as well, most important the need to stop down to 5.6-8 for full sharpness, and its hugeness compared to the phones. If you use the 1020 correctly, you have the same detail as with the D850, and with good exposure there should be no need to pull detail from shadows as they are shadows for a reason.
    Even a system camera is too big quite often compared to the Lumia's, so I could easily leave them out of the equation. The D700 is absolutely the worst of the test (yet way better than your Canon Rebel!), its 12mpixel is seriously lacking in 2020, and the non BSI sensor is having a low dynamic range compared to the other 3. So if you need short tele-lens fuzzy bokeh shots of people, get the D850 with 85mm 2.8 PCE, it is unbeatable (even destroying a 105 2.0 or 85 1.4 cause it focuses much closer), but for all other documentary stuff, the 950XL and 1020 are king. The D700 is good to knock down burglars or for playing paparazzo with its 8fps rail gun sound. And the D700 will keep going in a war scene, it is unbelievable sturdy.
    The winners are close: the 950XL is better in low light as the OIS is better, the 1020 has more detail, the 950XL is offering 4K and an incredible 1440×2560 pixel display, the 1020 is super good at 1080p video with 4x zoom and more stable in that situation than video on the 950XL uberhaupt. 1020 has a nicer appeance, the 950XL has easier to swap batteries. I leave my D850 mostly at home now, and I can't really tell it from the images I produce. The 11Pro was on par with the D700, and not worth mentioning, neither was the P30Pro, which was unable to deliver decent RAW capabilities nor decent Low Light performance.

  2. Nokia/Microsoft Lumia was a high quality smartphone, that didn't hurt the wallet much.

    (Android had to be jealous!)

  3. Lols taking pictures outside using DSLR with flash what a photographer . Ofc DSLR is still better when it comes to camera !

  4. Well from a technical perspective the DSLR has a way better sensor.But as the sensor is so small on the Nokia it has a crop factor which allows for the focal length to be really small.Thus the aperture number is lower.It gives a real advantage to the Nokia.But that advantage will go away if you zoom in.It will be obvious just how better larger sensors are for photography.

  5. damn I should have brought the Lumia 1020 instead of the Lumia 650 Dual Sim which also has a pretty good camera with 8.0 MP for the main camera and 5 MP wide angle for the front facing camera

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