OnePlus Nord vs iPhone SE Camera Test Comparison

OnePlus Nord vs Apple iPhone SE 2020 Detailed Camera Comparison #SuperSafStyle
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OnePlus Nord vs iPhone SE 2020 – Full Comparison:

Comparing 4K, major, ultrawide, macro, depth and selfie cameras, auto-focus, Portrait Mode and stereo audio of the iPhone SE 2020 vs OnePlus Nord for video and images with pattern photographs indoors, outside and in low-light.

0:00 Front Cam Video (inc. Ultrawide & Stabalization)
1:20 Primary Video (inc. Ultrawide & Stabalization)
2:35 Slow movement
2:45 Auto Focus
3:05 Specs and Info
3:54 Photos
5:00 Ultrawide Photos
6:13 Portrait Mode
8:15 Macro
10:08 Low-Light
11:08 Selfies (inc. Portrait + Low Light)
14:18 Conclusion & Final Thoughts

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By admin

34 thoughts on “OnePlus Nord vs iPhone SE Camera Test Comparison”
  1. Hai.
    First time watching ur channel.
    So impressed with ur reviews.
    I want mobile to shoot videos for youtube both crafts and outdoors.
    I was thinking onepllus nord or samsung m51.
    Whats ur comment on that.
    Which phone is best for shooting videos for youtube.
    My budget is ₹.30k

  2. That’s tough. SuperSaf is mostly a positive and optimistic guy. Him saying something like a Macro camera sucks, he means it lol.

  3. Hi Saf, can you please do OnePlus Nord Vs OnePlus 8T complete comparison including camera, performance, screen, battery etc?

  4. gaming and proccesor=se
    camera,battery, screen=nord
    long lasting=se
    privacy and security=se
    phone from country who has invented COVID-19=nord
    you all are thinking that at this price nord is better
    but think about procceser and buget gaming

  5. Bro please help with the snapchat camera issue . Pics really gets blurred after the shutter butter is pressed this is so annoying spent 30k and getting pics like that

  6. One camera of the iPhone can do alot better than these multiple cameras on Android.. From the way he was building up the conclusion I thought he was gonna pick iPhone se. But as usual… most reviewers…. honestly don't know what happens to all of them…he too went with the one plus Nord.

  7. A suggestion could you do Camera Compassion between 1+NORD ,1+ NORD with GCAM and Pixel 4a ?

    Thank you for the Great Video 🙂 absolutely loved it.

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