Samsung Galaxy C5 vs A5 2016 vs J5 2016 vs Note 5 - Gaming Comparison!

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31 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy C5 vs A5 2016 vs J5 2016 vs Note 5 – Gaming Comparison!”
  1. The j5 seemed to handle real racing 3 well because the game was at a lower graphics setting. You can tell by the lack of reflection on rear and side view mirrors

  2. I have the a5 2016 with exynos with marshmallow and i am dissapointed… HORRIBLE graphics in csr racing 2 and need for speed no limits (even tough i have the same gpu as s5 and s5 has far more better graphics)… After couple of minutes of gaming, games lag very very much…

  3. If i'm currently using a j5, how much larger will a mate 9 feel? watched this to compare the j5 and the note 5 since the note should be about the same size as the mate 9. Seems like a very small difference, but how will it feel (hope to get responses from people who has upgraded from 5.2 to 5.7/5.9 inch phones)

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