33 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note Edge vs Note 4: Unboxing & Review

  1. To all the people who put a thumbs down to this video, samsung are at least three years ahead of apple but I do bet good money however if apple made a buttplug you'd buy it because it's meant for expensive assholes…

    Fucking sheep…

  2. It is crazy to think that an edge display was first released in 2014.
    I read many reviews back then how rediculous the edge is and now in 2019 basically every high and mid spec smarthpone has these edges

  3. I'm hands down for team android *specifically samsung * But they really need to improve their software ,glitches, and camera. If their software can be as buttery fast and smooth like ios,Samsung would be a phone for the gods. Meanwhile apple should add some more jazz to their phones ,don't just release a huge ass phone that is just big .At least add some gimmicks that people love ,to justify the huge price tag .

  4. N O T E 4,
    Probably THE BEST and the most innovative phone from Samsung EVER ❗
    New diamond pixels display with unbelievable accurate colors
    Amazing camera
    The only phone by Samsung not with two, but with 3 microphones
    Removable battery
    3GB RAM
    515ppi !
    3200 mhA
    Great design
    Now this in 2014 was a real innovation !
    This phone was in 2014 like a ticket for your trip to the future.
    After Note 4 Samsung started to offer less for the money.
    For me this phone was and it is THE most innovative phone by Samsung.
    Of course it's only my personal opinion.

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