Samsung Galaxy Note5 vs LG G4

Samsung Galaxy Note5 vs LG G4

The Samsung Galaxy Note5 and the LG G4 are the 2 present premium phablet choices by two of the largest Android cellphone makers: Samsung and LG. The 5.7-inch Galaxy Note 5 goes in opposition to the 5.5-inch LG G4 on this comparability the place we take a look at the variations: Super AMOLED vs LCD shows, TouchWiz vs LG’s UI, Samsung’s Exynos 7420 vs the Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 on the G4, and the large battle of the 16-megapixel Note5 digicam vs the shooter on the LG G4.

Samsung Galaxy Note5 vs LG G4 comparability
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33 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note5 vs LG G4

  1. John V
    how much Samsungaide do you drink on a daily! By far you are one of the worst reviewer's at hiding your deep dislike for LG. Why do you even review LG products? You people at Phone Arena are all about Samsung and Apple wich is fine, but at lest own it.
    So my review of SamApplerena is i wish that you could have a little more energy when making reviews! All of you should pay attention to TechnoBuffalo's John R PocketNow's Michael F
    or the smooth texture of Jim's Review Room And the sensational Marques Brownlee. And i feel then you would really have something. And please if wearing a retainer or what ever that is in your mouth please take it out, the muffling makes it hard to hear the quality of your voice.

  2. Why do people always get so crazy on these boards? Really? How about some real comments with pros and cons.  Everyone is different.  I own the G4 and have had no problems with it but I do glance at the Note 5 sometimes. Thing is, it has now become more expensive than the iPhone 6s+. I can get a 128GB iPhone for the same price as the 64GB Note 5. That's just crazy. I don't plan to of course because I'm not into iPhones.  I will be getting my hubby the G4 and be quite happy with the choice.  P.S.  A little grammar on here would be nice too.  😉

  3. if u consider the price then lg g4 is ur phone i bought the g4 its amazing phone with great cam however if u think about it. the note 5 is way better with lots of features and a high end materials so if u like the note and u can afford it buy it without thinking dont reply sh#! to my comment cuz its my opinion keep in mind i have the g4 not the note 5 …

  4. i love removable battery, but what happen when somebody steal it? how can you find it back? i think it built in in the battery like sony , iphone , and samsung

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  6. Smart consumers will go with the G4, best camera phone, leather back case, quantum display is awesome, it has 1 watt loud speaker which is extremely loud and clear, external memory card slot up to 2TB, removable battery, and afordable price = perfection!

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