Samsung Galaxy S8 vs NOKIA 6 - Speed Test! (4K)

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36 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S8 vs NOKIA 6 – Speed Test! (4K)”
  1. I still love the Galaxy S8 Active it never brakes and the S8 Active is way more powerful and the screen resolution is way more clearer and the NOKIA phone screen resolution isn't as clear.

  2. Speed test dekhkar to check karo processor mein kitna different ha jahir si baat hai Samsung achcha kam karega

  3. Samsung s8 is broken it's bad phone Samsung because its break after 1 or 2 years . I have A7 2017 after broken and repear it broken broken and it's trash phone . Nokia 3310 it's better tahan Samsung or iPhone because its heave good and no broken . Samsung it's not good it's low qulity after 2016 2015 … No buy Samsung at all but I have tab s 2013 it's good after 2016 Samsung it's China China with low quality . I have buy Nokia 6.1 and life is good . Please think for my idea . Samsung after 2016 low quality

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