Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 - The iPad Killer

The samsung galaxy Tab S7 | S7+ are the upcoming tablets from Samsung . Both of those are a direct iPad competitor and featured an unbelievable spec sheet . The greatest level is that the android tablets in 2020 aren’t doing nice however the tab S7 sequence may change that because it includes a close to 13 Inch of 120HZ paired with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor which is the quickest processor on android .

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28 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 – The iPad Killer”
  1. A lot of Android tablets have been touted as the 'iPad Killer' and we are yet to see one that succeeds in that endeavor. The Tab S7 seems promising but until Samsung catches up in terms of a highly-optimized tablet OS that is as good or nearly as good as iOS, the Tablet space will continue to be dominated by the iPad.

  2. iPad killer – no
    If anything iPad Pro is moving further ahead with much more powerful chips, iPadOS upgrades and much longer support which is an often overlooked but very important bonus
    Only tech people want the newest every year.

  3. 120hz of candy crush. Also if someone has the iPad doesn’t mean there spoiled or rich. Also you can use 120hz for the actual big games, indeed Samsung is better then iPhone but they will never get over iPad you guys are getting so happy over features that already existed while iPhone users get happy on feTures that r on android

  4. It’s nice but at this point iPad is dominating and it’s gonna be really hard to overcome. Also the software is terrible

  5. Why i bought ipad pro is because samsung didnt have any bigger screens which is absurd i hope they come out with bigger screens

  6. Tab s6 had uniformity issues with the screen. I hope the s7 doesn't have these problems. Also, bigger tablets are too cumbersome to use as tablets

  7. Android tablets will never beat iPad as iPad are improving every year even if you bought them years ago. In android, never mind. If android, better buy amoled just for media consumption. For gaming, productivity, creativity etc, go for iPad

  8. Lmao my mum bought a 6.5k gaming setup
    To play candy crush
    Then she dont want to buy me a 1k laptop for school

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