Samsung Upcoming Phones 2020 - 2021 | Best Samsung Upcoming Flagships

We’ve already seen quite a few nice smartphones launched by samsung in 2020 together with Samsung Galaxy S20 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. However, we anticipate to see many extra on this yaer. Here are the perfect upcoming samsung telephones which can be anticipated to be introduced this yr.

Samsung Galaxy Oxygen :

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra :

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra :

Samsung Galaxy X2 :

Samsung Galaxy Laser :

upcoming samsung galaxy smartphone 2020 :

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20 thoughts on “Samsung Upcoming Phones 2020 – 2021 | Best Samsung Upcoming Flagships”
  1. I consider these ideas as simply "Samsung Porn" amazing, beautiful, and must have, but sadly I live in the real world…

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  3. It would be a very good idea if you were able to tell these big ass companies the type of phone you want, shape of the phone, color, size, apps, software, etc !

    They make phones and you buy them, right ? But some are not the color you'd like to have, or shape.. you feel me ?

    I think that there will come a day where people will make phones the way they want them.

  4. Pfff. That's it? What's with those camera protrusions? I want everything hermetically sealed inside a solid glass block, and with a big battery, NOT like all these THIN phones everyone's been churning out.


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  6. First design is Very bad design at back, samsung will never do that.
    While taking photos your hand will cover smartphone camera and led flash.

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