34 thoughts on “Sony Xperia X Performance Battery Life Test vs Xperia X Xperia XA Z5 Z5 Premium

  1. Hye. I just bought my xperia X. The only problem is my phone only gets 9H40M of battery life for full charge. Is there anything to fix it? Its running android 7.1.1

  2. Hii. It's been 5 months I'm using Xperia x. I just saw that Xperia X has 2500 mah to 2585mah instead of 2620mah. is that normal. Tried accu battery and service menu ##7378423##.

  3. i think part of the XA battery hurting is cause its still brighter than the other phones even at the same settings….so like every xperia thats on 50% brightness seems like the XA needs to be at 25%

  4. Hi, thanks for doing this. Some comments however…. Some of the phones were on NF and some were not. Also, I have the X performance and I am severely not satisfied with the battery life. And because of that I have considered to buy the newest XZ with the bigger battery. I have found that with just six hours of normal usage that the X performance has lost nearly 50% battery life. Android guzzles battery! They need to fix this.

  5. Please, how is SoT of X Performance with Nougat update?It got cheaper now and am planning to buy, but I just want to know how is the battery doing on Nougat.

  6. thanks for the review! very great patience and effort!! man pls continue this kind of review on all other smartphones. im sure a lot of people will be interested in your upcoming uploads.

  7. good review but closing apps doesn't save battery its just a myth, and how the screen size effects the battery, although z5p has bigger screen size but it has same resolution as z5
    , i mean does a phone with 3000mah with fhd and 6 inch drain battery more than a phone with 3000mah with fhd and 5 inch????

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