Test Game PUBG Mobile on Samsung Galaxy J4

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36 thoughts on “Test Game PUBG Mobile on Samsung Galaxy J4”
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  2. This phone is terrible dont buy it i own it and after 3 months its super laggy and it cant even run pubg
    I dont reccomend this trash phone,instead buy a galaxy a8 or a9 or a50 or a70
    Dont ever buy samsung j devices horrible

  3. I wanna buy a phone for playing pubg without lag.
    cân you advise me please
    Iphone 6s ? Or huawai y9? Or shiaomi redmi note 7 ?
    And thanks

  4. Sya pkai samsung J4 mmng blh main PUBG cma 1ja..spa thu RAM samsung J4 trltak d mna,sbb sya cri tk jmpa",spa thu tlong komen

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