The 4-hour van build (seriously) | 2019 RAM Promaster camper kit by Wayfarer Vans

I’m planning on touring everywhere in the USA on this van subsequent 12 months and using the very best mountain bike trails I can discover. I’m not giving up my life and going full #vanlife, however I would not be stunned if I put 50,000 miles on this factor in 2020.

Thanks to Wayfarer Vans for giving me a reduction on this plug and play camper van kit.
I’ve a 2019 RAM Promaster with 136” wheel base and excessive roof, so I used the Walter kit:

Swivel seat adapters:
80/20 Slotted Aluminum:
Vantrue rearview mirror: (Affiliate hyperlink)

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26 thoughts on “The 4-hour van build (seriously) | 2019 RAM Promaster camper kit by Wayfarer Vans”
  1. So after you buy the van how much is it to have the exact one made by you? Do you sometimes sell the van as well?

  2. That’s great you have such a great relationship with your dad. I know how it feels to be misjudged. I’ve been really sick and have needed some extra help but I worked hard before I got sick, people don’t see the disability only that my parents help me out. I would have been dead if they hadn’t though… so I’m glad they did. Not everyone has parents to help. Its good to give an explanation of all you do-to help people get a full picture, your video was a bit misleading, by only talking about travels. As far as builds-Hey whatever works! If you have a good job-pay someone to build it! And if you don’t and you have good health build it! I’ve been too sick to work or build so I just dream…but when I am better I want to build or buy -whatever! My parents said they will help me build it too, if I can get strong enough! (I think at this point they would rather help me build something than take care of a sick person!) My grandpa used to build beautiful A+ houses and we have all his tools now…I would love to use them!

  3. There are places that will allow you to design 80/20 and they will collect all the parts, cut and deliver. You assemble.

  4. What a great video! You are a pretty funny guy too! I am a ford girl…but you may have convinced me to get a RAM. 🙂 I just sold my house…and I am hoping to purchase my van in the next couple of months. That compressor is the bomb . I would use it on a regular basis to pump my tires on my ARGON 18 bike. What type of compressor? and how is it mounted? THX, Cj 🙂

  5. Great van built …nice van shape and utility ….but beware , Ram promoters are notoriously unreliable vans ( see online reviews) and I hope the engine does not blow or the transmission give out , light bulbs burn, doors malfunction etc. etc. made in Mexico junk . Do not mean to be negative as I really wish they would make more reliable vans , but this is the bitter truth . This van is fairly new with low miles and may not show problems as of yet , but watch out.

  6. Poorest looking van build I’ve seen. Squirting water and a 2 inch mattress would never cut it for me. Ours took about 7 months, but we have a fibreglass, re-cycling shower stall so we can shower luxuriously, a queen size, very comfortable bed and I love my ikea kitchen! The composting toilet is the ultimate convenience. I’d like to hear how you feel after living in that one for a week!

  7. Super dangerous, under the car without blocking the wheels first with some wood or similiar. Do not do that again! The boyfriend of my granny was killed like that, when the truck got moving …. Its not allowed in Germany, u would be fined, for good reasons

  8. "4 hour build"…. with lots of people working on it + hours of prep + lots of expensive gear…….. and either lots of money, or being lucky enough to have friends / family working for you for zero pay. well aren't you a lucky little boy??

  9. Awesome mats!!!

  10. Awesome mats!!!

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