35 thoughts on “Why Android Tablets Failed

  1. Eight years ago, an ignored feature appeared on the iPad called Guided Access. I didn't know about it until a few days ago. This feature makes my iPad into a real reading and working device. Apple never knew how to market it, but if they had, they would have made tablets dissapear by 2012. Even Apple misses opportunities to make big money sometimes.

  2. A shame people go for hype over their own experience. They let youtube tell them things like "Android tablets failed" or "not as good as an iPad"
    They never experience anything for themselves. We call those sheep. Meanwhile I quit using my iPad Air 3 in favor of the Tab S7. I don't see myself as losing anything in that switch and gained a tool called Samsung Dex. But whatever you sheep think.

  3. That this channel has Apple in its name suggests a learning bias.
    I have been using Android for several years and find their tablets superior to Apple, with more detailed images, better storage and the ability to use SD cards.
    Please demonstrate that you can offer something other than prejudice.

  4. I had an Asus Zenpad 10 and it was great but it never received android updates promised by Asus. The tablet could hold tree versions updates but android support from all manufacturers is so poor. So glad I switched to iPad Air.

  5. Actually tablets are a big deal as they can make some one invested into an ecosystem. I needed a tablet for note taking so i bought the ipad pro.Becuase of how well it worked i bought the iphone as well and will as well but the apple watch and the macbook some time after.

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