Xiaomi Mi Max 2 vs. Xiaomi Mi Max - Close look and Performance test

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22 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mi Max 2 vs. Xiaomi Mi Max – Close look and Performance test”
  1. guys seriously dont upgraded to mi max 2 or 3 believe me..i just buy mi max 3 and its not good as they say it's was ,i feel regret sale my mi max and get mi max 3..

  2. i dont know why xiaomi downgrade the performance of the mi max 2 since its only using the 625 while the predecessor was using the 652

  3. Kok posisi pertama mi max di sebelah kanan ehh pas di akhir kok posisi nya pindah di sebelah kiri ya? Yang bener yg mana nih? Mi max di kiri? Atau mi max di kanan?

  4. mi max is only better in gaming but if u see other site like camera, battery, look and build quality, usb type c port, stereo speakers, contrast ratio, quick charge 3.0 overall best is mi max 2.

  5. Mi max 2 benchmark 8xxxx and mi max is 6xxxx so how come u people say mi max is faster the mi max 2…btw on the right hand side is mi max on the left hand side is mi max 2… Yes some people do upgrade for look…

  6. Mi max have better Battery, Better Display Resolution, Better speaker and Better Camera then Mi Max 1, So mi max 2 is good … and dont go on antutu, you dont send your mobile for fight on border .. it play all heavy games and mi max 2 have a better design also …

  7. Перед самым выходом max 2 ,я купил max 1 в максимальной комплектации на распродаже . 4/128 !!! Ееееее .. первый явно лучше второго .. нах такие новинки. Кидалово..

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