Xiaomi Mi5 vs Mi5 Pro Speedtest Comparison!

In this video we pit the Xiaomi Mi 5 Pro in opposition to the Mi 5 to see what is the precise distinction in the case of daily utilization eventualities… opening apps, video games, managing reminiscence, and so forth…

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26 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mi5 vs Mi5 Pro Speedtest Comparison!”
  1. What about the whatsapp notification problems, sumtimes you don't get notified on calls and messages. Has this been fixed?

    Would u recommend the oneplus 3 over the xiaomi mi5?

  2. STUPID comparison! Not everyone has that same set of apps that you have. So making it a unique speed run is not cool. Open app by app to see the performance and comparison made right. It's not a fucking race.. I want to see which app opens youtube faster. And they are in different segment of the video. That's just stupid, ok?

  3. i don't trust these speed test videos ,, one mistake from the human will show that the phone is too slow ,,

  4. Hey Ash & Sunder, my mi 5 base variant has issues.. Everytime I reboot 1 or 2% of battery is gone, is it supposed to be like that?

  5. Sir I am in one of the history's greatest confusion..Nikon d5200 or Canon 700d? My main preference will be still photography(not video). Please don't say both are good and I can take anyone of them!

  6. +C4ETECH I know its weird to ask for a speedtest comparison between redmi note 3 and mi 5….. But I would like to see if snapdragon 650 with good memory management can beat snapdragon 820 with bad management of memory

  7. sir ur videos are being copied in a channel name All tech reviews ur leeco le2 review is being copied on that channel

  8. i have a meizu m2 note
    i go to settings > security > root privileges
    after i input my password it shows a messeges saying " error accessing server. My internet connection is ok. Is this a bug??
    plz let me now

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