Reverse Phone Lookup Services – Top 7 Sites Reviewed & Compared

You're probably reading this right now because you have seen some phone numbers you don't recognize, and would like to find out who has been calling you in a secure, confidential way. What you need to do is perform a reverse phone lookup, and if you have searched the web much, you will have noticed that their are quite a few websites that offer this service. The problem is, they all vary greatly in terms of price and database quality. To make things easier for you, the best thing to do look at a comparison of the best reverse phone search services, so you will be able to clearly see which options are best for in terms of price and information.

Top 7 Reverse Phone Lookup Services In No Particular Order Are:

  1. Reverse Mobile
  2. Cell Phone Registry
  3. Reverse Phone Detective
  4. Phone Number 411
  5. Reverse Records
  6. Phone Number Scan
  7. Reverse Genie

You can rest assured that since these are the Top 7 in their field of reverse phone lookup services, you will always receive 100 percent confidential searches, using secure 128-bit encrypted server technology. Additionally, they all offer quality database information that goes far beyond names and phone numbers. Thats right, you will also have access to US government records, that will also tell you property records (where the caller lives and has lived), civil records (do they have a criminal record?), Phone records (numbers to other phones they own), birth records, marriage / divorce records and more! So, with only a phone number, you can find out much more about a person then only their name, you can do a full background check! To access records such as these, each of these services require a membership be created. For just basic information (caller name and address), some of these services offer a one time fee (cheaper than a membership). The bonus with a membership is you get unlimited access for the period you subscribe for, making it a much more worthwhile deal. As a bonus, you can also search a persons information by Name, or Address on some of these services.

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