Canon S90 Compact Digital Camera Review

The Canon S90 is one of the most popular digital cameras that offer point and shoot simplicity and a ultra wide angle lens that is not included on most digital cameras today.

With the release of the Canon Powershot S90, Canon has packed an impressive feature set into a small and affordable camera including 10 megapixels of resolution, improved low light sensitivity and performance, including an ultra low light setting with an ISO of 12,800 – an ISO setting unheard of before on such a small and compact camera.

Another big feature and when married with the high ISO settings of the Canon PowerShot S90 is the bright and fast f/2.0 lens with high quality Canon Optics.

Most Digital Point and shoot cameras have to sacrifice lens speed to offer a zoom ratio that most digital camera buyers prefer, but Canon has managed to combine both a fast zoom lens that offers a 3.8x zoom but it is still quite a low light performer.

For purists, and for those that prefer to do a lot of post processing to their images,or to save photos not exposed properly the Canon PowerShot S90 allows the photographer to shoot in RAW mode as well as JPEG. Advanced shooters will appreciate the RAW mode shooting for enhanced flexiblilty, but at the cost of slower camera speeds as it takes more time than JPEG to save the image to the memory card when shooting RAW over JPEG.

Regardless, the Canon S90 is an excellent performer and offers great low light shooting and an ultra wide lens that will appeal to digital camera buyers wanting more than just a simple cheap point and shoot camera.

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