iPad 2 Features Compared to First Generation iPad

Some of the most attractive features of the iPad 2 are that the speed is much improved and the device has a much thinner profile. The iPad 2 is now 15% lighter than the iPad and a third slimmer, it is also running on an A5 dual-core processor. Improved speed in terms of helping you with your work and the speed in loading pages or sending out mails are also major improvements for the user. As for the slimmer profile, whats not to like about a less bulky device? It is much easier to carry around, use and handle therefore you are able to work on the go, be it receiving emails from clients, or replying to messages from their love ones.

The front and back cameras on the iPad 2 are useful when it comes to the FaceTime app as well as other video conferencing applications. The LED back-lit display also provides the user with good quality (vivid and bright) visuals. Improving the experience for various activities like reading, video conferencing or watching a video. The various apps that come included in the package are also attractive and diverse, from education or business through to social and leisure related.

The device also has a battery lifespan of 10 hours in use and up to a month of standby time according to the reports. Not to mention that it also has a compatible Smart Cover that is able to protect the tablet and be a fashion statement all at the same time. The smart cover is also invented to aid the user in holding the tablet in different positions for various purposes during use.

As well as the many positive features it also has a few negatives, such as the high pricing which is not within the budget of many people. The slimmer body may also make it seem a little fragile compared to the other more robust tablets on the market. There are also no additional features on the iPad 2 such as USB or SD card readers, and the battery of the is also not removable (so you are unable to carry a spare battery if you should need it).

According to user reports, there is not much improvement to the new model as compared to the first generation version. The major difference seems to be the fact that the new device is thinner and has a faster processing speed. If you already have the first generation iPad, perhaps it is not very feasible to upgrade your tablet for these minor improvements. But if you think that the thinner and quicker iPad 2 is worth the upgrade, then go out and get your hands on Apples latest gadget in the shops now!

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