Review Fly IQ4403 Energy 3

Review Fly IQ4403 Energy 3

A disease of almost all devices on the Android operating system is low autonomy. Most manufacturers solve this problem by equipping devices with powerful batteries, but the price range of a smartphone often increases in proportion to the battery capacity. Fly in the production of IQ4403 Energia 3 did not follow the traditional path – it equipped the budget model with a large battery, leaving the remaining characteristics unchanged.


  • 1 appearance
  • 2 Performance and software
  • 3 display
  • 4 camera
  • 5 battery
  • 6 price


The Fly Energie 3 smartphone case is made of 2 types of plastic – glossy on the side faces and matt embossed on the back. Thanks to this combination, the device is pleasant and comfortable to hold in your hand. In addition, it does not have too large dimensions – 13.4 cm by 6.7 cm by 12.8 mm with a weight of 183 g.

Fly IQ4403 supports 2 SIM cards, but works alternatively. The speakers and microphone have a pretty decent quality – the speaker will hear the speech clearly, and the user will only have to increase the volume in a very noisy environment. The vibrations of the vibrator alert are a little weak, but this was to be expected from such a light phone.

the back of the Fly IQ4403

Performance and software

The smartphone is controlled by the Android 4.2.2 version with very small changes from the manufacturer, which are expressed in separating all the settings in 2 parts and some color changes in the design. The hardware parts of the Fly IQ4403 are represented by the 2-core MediaTek processor. running at 1300 Hz, a video accelerator and memory for 512 MB working applications

The shared storage is 4 GB in size, but can be expanded using a memory card. By the way, the menu offers the possibility to choose where to save a file – on a card, in the built-in storage or at the discretion of the system. The interface speed is pretty decent, the desktops and menus scroll smoothly, with third-party games and programs no problem.


The display of the Fly Energia 3 TFT smartphone has a fairly serious 4.5-inch diagonal size for the budget model and is characterized by a resolution of 480 by 864 pixels, the color rendering on the screen is quite calm, the viewing angle , although far from the maximum, it remains acceptable. .


In the smartphone there is only one camera module, but with a good resolution of 5 megapixels, the autofocus function, unfortunately, was not provided by the manufacturer, but without it, the quality of photos and videos is not bad for a budget class device. .


The most important advantage of the Fly IQ4403 Energia 3 smartphone is the battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh. Such volume ensures battery life with active use up to 2 days, and if you use a somewhat economical mode, then without recharging the device will "live" up to 4 days. Such indicators are very rare among devices controlled by the Android operating system. In addition, the manufacturer also provided a special energy-saving mode, which you can configure at your discretion – at what level of battery charging should this mode be activated and what options should be turned off. But it must be kept in mind that the energy saving mode, in addition to deactivating some functions, also limits the frequency of the processor cores to 1000 Hz and, consequently, the performance and speed of the interface will be reduced.

    Fly IQ4403

Overall, the device proved to be quite controversial, on the one hand it is not a very interesting screen, the lack of a front camera and autofocus module in the main one, but on the other hand an interesting design, diagonal size, 2 SIM cards, 5 megapixel camera, 2-core processor, powerful battery. As you can see, the benefits are still outdated, and for users looking for a trendy smartphone with a long battery life, the Fly IQ4403 Energia 3 is perfect.


The official price in stores is 6,490 rubles.

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