5 Reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy J7 Over the Samsung Galaxy S7

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39 thoughts on “5 Reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy J7 Over the Samsung Galaxy S7”
  1. Thank you for the very very good review video. I'm looking to purchase a new phone for my 16yr old son who currently has a beat up S7 which is in bad condition. I unfortunately don't have enough money to buy another S7, so I was looking for a less expensive alternative. Although I certainly know that with a cheaper price comes a less quality phone, but you've made a very great comparison video which helped me in my decision. So again, I'd like to say thank you sir!

  2. I compared both phones and I agree with you for all 5 reasons. Those were my reasons before I even watched this video.

  3. Got my J7 for free. Only now getting the s7 (currently brand new for $230 instead of $650) as the J7 is getting slow af after just 1 year.

  4. i look more for compatibility where the samsungs "s" series has the most
    because they're meant to be flagship and pricy but at the same time they go down in price a load

  5. I got the straight talk J7 sky pro refurbished for $55. Only things I don't like about is the lack of automatic screen dimmer and notifications led. Other than that, it feels solid and preforms well. Excellent for a under $100 smartphone.
    I got it cause my S5 is unable to run updated apps and to hold me over till walmart gives thier sweet black Friday deal on a S7 or S8

  6. The s7 is faster, water resistant, has a fingerprint sensor, better camera, you can actually find cases for it at stores

  7. The j7 freezes more than my balls in the winter time. This phone is dogshit vs any flagship. If it's all you can afford than it's good enough but within a month my phone was locking up with every freaking txt i receive. Such an aggravating phone to own being a techie type. Can't afford the s8 right now so I'm going to replace this POS with a s7, even though it's a two year old phone.

  8. Honestly I got the j7 because my contract with Sprint ended and I decided to give back my IPhone 6s. I don't recommend this phone tbh. I notice a huge difference just being on YouTube. The videos are darker and not as clear. Don't even get me started on the camera pictures look very foggy and choppy. It's not a horrible phone if you can't offered flagship it has apps and access to the internet lol. The battery on this phone is very good way better than the iPhone 6s. It's great for iPhone users in the sense that it will give you a taste of Android to see if you want to drop 700 dollars on a galaxy s8 or a note whatever . I'm getting the s7 edge in the coming weeks though because I like the freedom that Android provides.

  9. I was actually gonna get a j7 and when I saw this video I was like I'm going to metro PCs and getting it right know

  10. The worst part of Samsung is its terrible service!!! Try it before you buy the brand. If they make you stay on for hours, that is, if you can find access to them, that is, if you live in the right place, that is… by them your warantee has expired… and even if you insist that you will pay them to fix it… they dont want to… your product is obselete after one month of buying it… you should buy it again.
    Samsung sucks!!! and I will not pay for apple. Samsung crashes like crazy… I used to be a fan, now, Since my phones, tabs, tv have crashed after a simple update, or for no known reason… I buy other generic crap from China and works just as well for a quarter of the price. Thanks for nothing Big name brands.

  11. i have the S7 edge and the phone over time will get slow, all these phones do that, so in the end buy the J7    s7 is not all that great

  12. Thanks for not saying " i'll see you in my next video" because you can't see me I'm a G like that strapped with hit hard tactics A fuckin menace, using hoes like tennis rackets

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