Galaxy J7 vs iPhone SE | Side by Side Comparison

Galaxy J7 vs iPhone SE | Side by Side Comparison


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By admin

20 thoughts on “Galaxy J7 vs iPhone SE | Side by Side Comparison”
  1. used J7 for almost 2 years now..awesome mid range phone..great display,battery and camera but got my hands on,on my friends iphone 5s n i felt d quality is way better than j7 front camera is also better on the iphone being just 1.2mp and so now im thinking to exchange my J7 for new 32gb iphone SE..should i go for it? this will be my first iphone so im really confused how im going to use the ios with limited customization as compared to android..pls help

  2. The better phone is the one with the superior processor and graphics for someone that enjoys games on their phone.

    for people that like taking pictures , that is a different type of buyer
    and even still some only care about which has the longer lasting battery believe it or not.

  3. Of coarse he is going to say that the J7 is better……he is the android guy . Why should he do a comparison w/ and iphone? He is always going to say android is better

  4. You're the android guy. You're not being objective. Of course you're going to say the j7 is better. You're not being honest.

  5. The J7 has 34 minutes on battery. While the iPhone has 40 minutes on battery. Hmm Of course it will have a lower battery percentage.

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