Galaxy Note 4 - Snapdragon 805 vs Exynos 5433 Comparison

In this video let’s pit the (*4*) 805 & Exynos 5433 variants of the Galaxy Note 4 towards one another and see who comes out on prime…

We check out the variations in boot occasions, battery life & benchmarks of each variants.

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23 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 4 – Snapdragon 805 vs Exynos 5433 Comparison”
  1. Crazy to think that now, just 5 years later, phones have almost 10x the performance of these guys. Just imagine that…

  2. Exynos Actually run almost as like the gpu and cpu of Ios 6/7 but since they focus on battery and system apps, the performance gets decreased. If you use Gpu and Cpu editing etc. You can edit the gpu and cpu to focus on the performance so when you play games, it will run smoothly

  3. I have used a snap dragon and a mediatek processor , the mediatek out performed the snapdragon and the mediatek was much slower

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