Galaxy S6 edge vs iPhone 6 Plus: Optical stabilization comparison

See how properly the brand new Samsung (*6*) S6 edge’s optically stabilized digital camera compares with the iPhone 6 Plus’ (additionally with OIS).

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34 thoughts on “Galaxy S6 edge vs iPhone 6 Plus: Optical stabilization comparison”
  1. Many other videos online show the iphone 6 plus with better stabilization, better color and light control than the samsung s6.

  2. Im a long time galaxy note guy. Had 1-2&3 i switched from the 4th because of acouple of reason. After some time went by and i added games and video. My note 3 started slowing down buffering alot as did note 2&1. My hour drive to work inbetween towers buffering over and over again. Plus the note 4 looks just like the 3 other than metal for plastic. But ive been a iphone hater for ever. Never had one. I bought the 6 plus just out of curiosity. No more buffer. Memory fill doesnt affect my speed. I traded off several things i like. But i can deal with it being a average user. Youtube-netflix-facebook etc. mayb note 5 i will come back. The s6 edge looks amazing. But too small. Im 6'5" 240 lbs. i need a big phone

  3. It seems 67 visitors to this video are disgruntled iPhone 6 buyers, mad at Apple, but taking it out on SAMSUNG! ….but hey SAMSUNG has really big wide shoulders and are heads and tails above Apple in real world terms of Spending on R&D and CAPEX to actually be continually making their products better years in advance of Apple. Who prefers to just sit on their Cash earning a measly interest rate, while priding itself on this so called Cash Pile Locked Up in Long Term Securities for up to 25yrs.

    But perhaps the biggest misnomer about Samsung that iDiots all seem to not even know, is that Samsung Electronics is just one Publicly Held Division in Samsung Group of Companies all together dwarfing Apple's single product iTrinket Maker Business! ;-P   …..and Samsung now  owns the #1 camera CMOS sensor rank ahead of Sony, though they do cross license technologies now. Sony sold off most of their production to companies like Samsung Semiconductor CMOS fabrication. Only now….. working to buy into greater production, by buying back Semiconductor Operations they sold out, just to keep afloat!!!

  4. Isn't a metal a frame and gorilla glass 4 on both sides premium enough ?
    I think it's pretty premium.
    And hey…..I'm no fanboy.

  5. Well I saw a note 4 vs six plus video comparison and the note 4 seemed to not have any stabilization. So I guess the Galaxy s6 optical stabilization is just that much better now ?

  6. Samsucks really need to try harder because I have zero issues with my 6 plus and its camera my images represent real life color extremely close and its only 8mp but photographers know this, 6mp is high enough to do whatever you want with an image and more mp on a small chip does not mean better camera. Apple knows this and the work the software to take better advantage of 8mp on such a small chip. People research!

  7. This is nothing. No pictures actually taken anywhere. I performed this same test with my 6plus and the images are clear. No movement detected at all. Who cares how it looks prior to a shot it's about after that shutter closes and this was not compared at all. People stop being fooled by a copy cat Apple has this locked.

  8. This doesn't mean much, as it is just a picture that they where videoing. Also, if it where the other way around, I am sure it would get like 80% dislikes.

  9. Why is the picture way more zoomed in on the iPhone??? That would definitely make it look like it's gonna stutter more lol.

  10. I own a s4 so don't call me an apple fanboy This is apples to oranges because iphone 6+ doesnt even have OIS on videos. You cant compare an unreleased phone that has a feature to a phone that doesn't have it. I expect phone arena to take down this video or at least change the title very shortly

  11. Iphone 6 plus say that it have OIS but it don't cause once I when into carphone warehouse and tested the iphone 6 plus I shake my hand abit and the photo was blurry I even test video recording and the photo is still blurry

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