Gear Review: Google Pixel C

The Pixel C reveals Google has quite a lot of work left to do to compete with a rising class of multitasking work tablets says WIRED’s David Pierce.

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Gear Review: Google Pixel C .

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49 thoughts on “Gear Review: Google Pixel C”
  1. I usually disagree with David Pierce on a lot of things, but he speaks the truth this time. Android is a mobile platform made for mobile devices like cell phones. That tablet/notebook from Google looks neat and has decent hardware, but needs Linux or some form of desktop operating system. (David Pierce is a really smart dude, haters are just gonna hate)

  2. Google can't do anything about this unless they can find a clever way to make developers make apps for android tablets! Come on!!

  3. Microsoft Surface came first?
    No. Asus Eee Pad Transformer beat it by over a year. I bought one and regularly used it for working in the field. Still have a Asus TF300 Transformer that I use out and about.

  4. wait so you've declared that the iPad is better? could you please explain in which way the iPad is better? also you're reviewing hardware not software I don't know why these always turn into general Android bashing.

  5. I've always liked David Pierce's reviews. But there's something about the Verge videos that I think are better.

  6. I love android but I agree with this guy and I always enjoy this guys reviews I don't no why you guys are bitching it's pretty straight forward tablets for android is basically the same experience as the phones nothing changes

  7. thees review videos are to short. Your claims are quite big , you don't spend enough time explaining your justification.

  8. this review is accurate

    Android apps aren't well optimized for the bigger screen and there are many reviewers complaining about this issue

  9. Both Android and iOS are shitty desktop operating systems. The software doesn't feel content production worthy on both.
    Frankly if you want a good OS that does both tablet and desktop functions well then I am afraid I have to admit, you need Windows 10 (coming from a software engineer and Unix fanboy).

    I would never see myself writing a program, book or screenplay on an Android or iOS device. Even better than iOS or Android is BeagleBone or a Raspberry Pi with Linux at least you have desktop software.

  10. I love Android, maybe the tablets could be more. IOS 9 has split screen for their ipads, Google needs to do the same. Everything else is okay.

  11. What a bunch of butthurt android fans. Android for tablets really aren't anything special. I owned the Nexus 7 and virtually every app I use is just a bigger version of the phone app. There's nothing special about Android tablets compared to the Surface and iPad line. Btw before you go off calling me an apple fanboy know that I am still currently using a Nexus 5 and 7 as my main devices

  12. A lot of butt hurt people criticizing a guy for generalizing in a 2.5 min video when that is his job. Most of the comments offer nothing more than "It's not bad it's good. YOU'RE BAD!"

    A lot of shit is a matter of opinion, and some people don't care enough about certain aspects. While he should be informed as much as possible, this is still a fucking review. He is not explaining how gravity works.

  13. I still have and love my Nexus 10, no need to upgrade, BUT, this "review" is SHIT, WIRED, please fire this douche-bag and don't lose credibility

  14. man, as soon as I recognize this guy doing the review, I close the video asap. I watched this one. yup same old idiot

  15. You keep saying "Android is [sic]not good tablet software" but what you really mean is that developers aren't taking advantage of the framework to enable their apps to take advantage of different size screens. Android is fine. They've had the solution to this problem prior to appl or msft, but it remains for developers to actually use it.

  16. Not sure I appreciate being told that Android is not a good tablet OS without any justification. Some apps don't work well in a tablet form factor but that's true of all of the mobile OS's and is the fault of the app maker and not the OS. Google Drive and Microsoft Office productivity apps all work quite well on Android so I'm not sure what the issue is as that's all you need.

    Maybe it would help if you elaborated on what your expectations are as without that context it really does sound like you're saying something just to be contrary.

  17. I blame the keyboard and Samsung… It didn't take long for us to go from a tablet is an electronic representation of a physical tablet with a sheet of paper to this thing that for some strange reason is supposed to be held horizontal, making it odd when using it with portrait apps… The question we should be asking is "why horizontal?"

  18. Android user here, before I get flamed for having an opinion. Scaled up phone apps are not tablet apps, he should of said this in the review but just because one reviewer doesn't spell out the known issues with an OS before making a statement doesn't make the statement incorrect. Comparing Android tablets to iOS or Windows 10 hybrids on a productivity front is like comparing Windows 10 tablets to iOS or Android on consumption – it's almost black and white, being productive on an Android tablet is hard compared to iOS or Windows 10. Couple that lack of apps with software issues (like apps forcing portrait and a lack of split screen) and his complaints about Android not being productive are completely valid.

    Even if you can be productive on Android doesn't mean everyone can, a review is just a generalised guide and getting mad because someone who is paid to make generalisations doesn't agree with you is COMPLETELY ridiculous. If you like the Pixel C buy it, but don't exaggerate a devices capabilities because you personally can work with a reduced toolset.

  19. HAHAHAH what a joke this review is.

    "Android is not a good tablet operating system…." ROFLOLcopter x over 9000

    Ferrari is not a good car maker….,
    Both statements have the same amount of validity.
    Android is a great tablet OS, just because the hipster apps you use don't work doesnt mean Android is bad.
    Also you cannot say "android is a bad Tablet OS", you can say "In my opinion, …." because that is all it is, your narrow minded opinion, from my observations.

    I know several IOS apps that are shite on Ipads, doesnt mean IOS is a bad tablet OS.

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