38 thoughts on “How to Create Business Email & Use it with Gmail for Free

  1. Bro, I have a query regarding domain name and professional mail ID.
    Actually i took my domain name from google business for the cost of 1200, now i want to take my professional mail ID for free from other platforms which you have used in this video.. please help me…

  2. In My Additional Products, its showing:
    You don't have any redeemable products at this time.

    But going to 'Manage All' in Email & Office, a Forward Tab is showing there. Should I create forward from here or it can be only created from Additional Products (email forwarding)??

  3. Ur video sucks balls man. Additional products is no longer available on go daddy and SMTP2go dosent work for gmail anymore out dated stuff. Rather just pay the 1 usd /month email fee being cheap is harder

  4. Sir, i am using siteground for hosting. I watched all your videos about business mail create but still i cant connect my google account. Also, i am not able to connect mailgun with siteground. Kindly help

  5. my domain is with go daddy but my host is squarespace, can i go ahead and use the same method in this video? I can't find DNS in the squarespace settings .. someone help please!

  6. Oops, we weren't able to finish. Please verify that you have entered the exact settings provided by your other email service. Contact your other email administrator for further details.

    show this messege plz help me sir

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